Family Office Services


We provide a personalized solution to your financial needs that includes:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Personal Record Keeping
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Assets and Liabilities
  • Preparation of Personal Financial Statements

CSP_9062At Aquila Tax Solutions we employ a holistic approach that goes beyond tax preparation and planning services. It begins with clarifying your financial goals and legacy aspirations. Once these are clarified and articulated, we work with you as part of your family office team to help develop a thorough plan to achieve your goals.

Our customized plan includes:

1. Clarifying your financial goals – every client’s needs and aspirations are different. It is important that we help you articulate yours. Everything we do flows from your personal needs and aspirations. Our discussions with you include a range of activities that will include retirement, philanthropic giving, heirs, surviving spouse support, living and lifestyle needs etc. These discussions will also include how these priorities change over short and long-term time horizons as well.

2. Quantifying your current financial situation – before a plan can be created, a clear starting point must be established. This starting point becomes a complete accounting of your current financial situation including preparing a personal financial statement, projecting income, your tax history, cost and market value of your investments, etc.

3. Developing your customized tax plan – we are now ready to develop your tax plan. We will develop your plan in concert with your advisors and any other expert support required to ensure that your plan is complete.

4. Ensuring that you understand your plan and plan implications – While we believe that it is important for you to have your taxes prepared professionally, we believe that it is equally important that you understand how your taxes are calculated and how proper tax planning is helping you achieve your goals. We are committed to this education. Ultimately, a good plan in combination with proper understanding leads to peace of mind.

To be clear, we are not financial planners. However, good financial planning requires good tax planning. As a matter of course, we work closely with your investment advisors, bankers, estate lawyers and other members of your team to ensure that there is a solid tax plan that is aligned to your financial and estate plan.